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London's Diary

Pamiętnik uczniów gimnazjum i liceum z wakacyjnego wyjazdu edukacyjnego do Londynu (20-30.08.2011r.)

SUNDAY, 21st August

The first day started with a swaying ferry trip through the English Channel. At 8 a.m. we stood back on the firm ground and ventured via our couch through South England’s hillside. Then we travelled by underground to Westminster where we saw the Abbey. In the afternoon we visited the Natural History Museum which revealed secrets about the beginnings of Earth, its flora and fauna. From there we strolled down the huge and peacful Hyde Park. After that, exhausted but still vigorous, we went shopping to Oxford Street. Me and my friends went to a popular clothes shop “Primark”. After a crazy hour and a half we finally had dinner at KFC. What a day...

MONDAY, 22nd August

Today we woke at 6.30 a.m. We ate a delicious breakfast and went to the underground station hoping to get to our final destination – Wimbledon. We did it. But now we have to find our English classroom! It took some time. Finally, we did find the building and were greeted by our new teachers. Then we wrote a little test just to check our level of English knowledge, and got split up into two groups. The lessons were based on speaking. When we finished them we went to the National Gallery. There we saw a lot of famous paintings, e.g. Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”. Later, we ate our lunch in Pizza Hut.( ah...eating fast food again) Next, we had journey by a cruiser on the Thames. We could see London Eye, bridges, skyscrapers, bridges, a funny high building in a shape of a bullet and...bridges. Afterwards, we went to see a huge Monument. Finally, the hotel and some sleep...

TUESDAY, 23rd August

Hi there at 6.30 a.m. again! A quick breakfast and lessons at Wimbledon, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Next, we went to Buckingham Palace, but we saw it only from the outside, ‘cos there were no tickets available for that day. We were to go there on Friday. After booking the Royal Visit we headed to Chinatown, where we had lunch. (Yes! At last something less fat!) After filling our stomachs with fruits and Chinese food we went to see the British Museum. There were so many things inside which we didn’t manage to see because of the lack of time. For example, I saw Cleopatra’s mummy or famous Rosetta Stone. A few hours later I saw the hotel’s premises and later, finally, my bed...

WEDNESDAY, 24th August

In the morning of the fourth day we went to our school by underground. We had four hours learning with our teacher Camille. Then we travelled by underground again to Hampton Court. It is a big, magnificent palace in East Molesey. We learned a lot from audio guides and saw many interesting areas, especially a grand, gorgeous garden. Some of us made a run for the Maze just before the departing deadline. But it didn’t take much time! After about three hours in an astonishing palace of Hampton Court we travelled by underground to Lambeth to see the whole London from the famous London Eye. “Ohh”s, “Ahh”s, photos, underground, coach, hotel and bed. Good night!

THURSDAY, 25th August

On Thursday, we got to our English lessons earlier, so our native speakers let us go to Starbucks (finally!). We were also extremely tired, that was why most of us ordered a huge coffee.) Then we paid a veeery short visit to the Science Museum which was filled by machines of every type. It also held a substantial exhibition about the complexity of human being. We could learn amazing things we normally wouldn’t even think of. Afterwards, we headed to Victoria & Albert’s Museum. Astonishing paintings, porcelain, armchairs, etc. It was a place full of beautiful home(or rather palace) decorations, so big that we didn’t have time to explore it entirely. KFC or Pizza Hut dinner afterwards and underground, coach, and our hotel. C U 2morrow!

FRIDAY, 26th August

This was a rainy, thunderous day. The clouds wondered, if they should let the rain out or not all the way, until our visit in the Buckingham Palace itself. After a further body-search we were given our audio guides and let ourselves be breath-taken by the Palace’s interior. Huge corridors, masterful paintings and royal comfort were indescribable. The Palace’s souvenir shop earned bigger profit than usual because of the endless downpour which made people hide in the shop and buy something out of boredom. After spending almost an hour in a warm and dry souvenir tent we walked through St. James’s Park, which was full of chipmunks and birds of many kind e.g. gooses and white pelicans. On the way back to the underground we saw the place where the Royal guards reside. We took quick photos, travelled via underground, then coach and dried ourselves in the hotel. Some of us got really wet!

SATURDAY, 27th August

On a beautiful Saturday morning we visited the Windsor Castle. It's the oldest and the largest occupied castle in the world. It's also one of the official residences of Her Majesty The Queen. We explored the history of the Castle and St George's Chapel, which contained the coffins of Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. Afterwards, we went bt coach to Oxford. There we saw the University of Oxford. We were amazed by old and admirable buildings, just as we were happy when our guide told us that more and more students from Poland attend the prestigious set of collegues. After sightseeing we ate a traditional English meal: fish and chips. At the end of that exhausting day everybody was tired, but very glad that we could see and learn about many important things connected with the past and the present.

SUNDAY, 28th August

The ninth day of our journey started early in the morning just as in the following days, but we were happy that we weren’t wasting our time. SIGHTSEEING, SIGHTSEEING AND ONCE MORE SIGHTSEEING! Firstly, all of our group came to Greenwich where is a Royal Observatory. In that place we could stand in two diffrent times simultaneously because zero meridian is situated in that place. In the observatory we saw old watches, maps, we could check the time in diffrent parts of the world. Later, our trip went to the underground to get to the Tower of London. That amazing place was a prison and a place where a lot of very important people in British history, like Anne Boleyn, lost their lives. We checked if ravens, which are supposed to be there all the time, were there - because in other case, the monarchy would end. And sure they do! After that, some part of group went to see Sherlock Holmes's house and the other came to Maddame Tussauds’ Museum to take some photos with the stars made of wax. We met again on a supper. After an exhausting day we came back to our hotel and after a quick shower everybody nicely went to bed to get ready for the next great day.

MONDAY, 29th August

And the last day had to come. Reveille at 6.15 as usual, said goodbye to London and were welcomed by Canterbury – a picturesque place located in a district of Kent in South-East England. It’s full of old-spirited streets and catherdals. We couldn’t sightsee much because everything was closed due to a Bank Holiday in Britain. A few hours later we were swaying along with the ferry heading back to France, from where we made our way to Brussels – our final sightseeing city before going back home. We took many photos of majestic buildings, caught a distant glimpse of the European Parliament and enjoyed delicious Belgian chocolates grom a shop near the Manneken Pis statue. We discovered the rest of Brussels’s magnificent places sitting in our coach heading to Poland because we had a long way home.. It was a great and unforgettable trip...

That’s not all – here’s a little surprise for our dear headmaster!

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